4 Key Drivers of Chatbot Adoption

Brands across industries are adapting their mobile strategies to adopt the use of messaging chatbots to target and reach their customers.

With consumers spending ever-increasing amounts of time on messaging platforms, businesses looking to get close to their customers should look beyond mobile applications and websites to chatbots.

Below we touch on four key drivers for why businesses of all sizes should re-think their mobile strategies.

1. Digital Channel Is Growing, But Not for Mobile Apps

The reliance on mobile apps as the primary tool for engaging with mobile customers is a tired strategy. Unquestionably digital and mobile consumption growth has expanded rapidly over the last several years. The reality though is that the growth is not driven exclusively by mobile app consumption.

Customers no longer flock to the app stores on their iPhones and Android devices—at least not with the frenzy of the early days when Apple first opened the App Store in July 2008. If you pour through the data, you can see that while millions of mobile apps are still downloaded every year. As example one in 4 apps are abandoned after just a single use, and 49% of mobile customers don’t download any apps whatsoever in a given month

2. Messaging Has Overtaken Mobile App Consumption

When you double click on the growth figures. It’s evident that messaging is driving the consumption. In short, the mobile revolution is evolving toward messaging apps. Instead, millennials and even younger audiences are spending their time on messaging platforms that make it easy for them to connect with their families and friends.

3. Emergence of Messaging Platforms

These platforms often provide more than just instant messaging and games. Users can trade video clips, photos, news, make video calls with their friends as well as use emojis and digital stickers. But more relevant for businesses, messaging apps have emerged as a popular hub for e-commerce and consumer transactions.

Yes, leadership so far has been dominated by companies delivering services in in Asia where messaging apps such as WeChat and Line dominate their markets. Taken collectively, the top four global messaging platforms—WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber—have 2.1 billion monthly active users as of 2015, all of them on mobile devices. Businesses that offer bots for Facebook Messenger alone will find themselves with access to one billion monthly active users.

4. Increasing Capability

As messaging platforms continue to add business-friendly functionality and ease their restrictions around marketing, more brands will realize how these platforms help drive customer engagement and deepen customer loyalty. With more users spending their time on messaging platforms than on social media, brands will need to shift their mobile strategy toward messaging and chatbots.


Because this where their users are now spending their time.

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