Why Strategic Technology Solutions

The Azumo Story

At Azumo, we believe there is a better way for companies like yours to grow and manage your technology solutions. A more insightful, less transactional way where you the client is rewarded by your technology investments. We’re passionate about it, and our mission is to help you benefit from it. We focus on creating affordable technology solutions that accelerate, modernize and protect your business. We’re excited to simplify technology decisions for everyone through our approach, solutions, and empathy.

Our founding

Azumo was founded by Chike Agbai in early 2016. He started the business based on a set of beliefs. With the emergence of the cloud, machine learning and big data, it was clear that every business would be able to modernize and take advantage of these powerful technologies.

Conversational Applications

Our very first customer was Twitter. We always think of the Twitter project as our first conversational application. In reality, it was work for hire to develop a mobile application with some conversational qualities. Since then, we have built a countless number of commercial bots across Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and the web . . .  alas we still haven’t relaunched ours 🙁

chatbot developer mo is a software package we built in 2017
team azumo in rosario for dinner and outsourced software developers

Software Development

But not every customer wants to build a conversational application. They have other more pressing software development challenges. Our empathy for the developer and the client’s needs is unique and it shows in our projects. Through our creative approach to the software development challenge, we have grown our business by 4x over the last year.

Managed Services

Our empathy for the customer convinced us that we need a wholistic approach to solving technical challenges. We expanded our business to offer strategic technology solutions for Cyber Security and Managed Services. Today we provide the round-the-clock management and monitoring our customers need to protect their technology investments. 

launch alexa skills

Where Does the Name "Azumo" Come From?

Azumo comes from an old Spanish word that means: to make simple change. For instance, using juice to alter the color of a cloth. We aligned our name with our logo which is inspired by the Greek Delta. In mathematic notation, Delta represents change. From these two, we are inspired to make simple changes that make a powerful impact in our customers' businesses.

Azumo Technology Solution Partnerships and Affiliations

Azumo is a proud partner to a number of leading organizations in our effort to provide technology solutions. We would love to hear from you if you are in interested in connecting or partnering with us