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The Future is Conversation: We are Amazon Alexa Skill Developers

We have a longtime focus on Alexa Skill development. Azumo’s team of Alexa developers can help your company extend your digital reach through a custom skill on millions of Amazon Echo devices in homes and offices around the globe. At Azumo, we believe the Future is Conversation. Voice applications like those offered by Amazon Alexa are rapidly becoming the most important interface for how your customers engage with your brand.


Voice Application Growth

Amazon Alexa and its hardware products like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Show are now found in over 100 million homes.  Even moreso, the reach of Alexa has expanded to non-Amazon devices like wearables, your mobile phone, and the car. The adoption for Amazon Alexa as a smart speaker is on a torrid pace.

In 2019, Amazon expected to ship over 140 million units. Similar to web adoption in the 90s, companies of any size can build an Alexa skill to participate in the growing opportunity. So far there are at least 100,000 published skills in the Amazon Alexa Skill store, and that number continues to grow.

Azumo’s Alexa Skill Development Process

how to build amazon alexa skills in 6 helpful tips
Azumo has been developing conversational applications, chatbots and voicebots since our inception. We have developed solutions that take advantage of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning and we are also building Amazon Alexa Skills that run easily and simply. Azumo’s team of conversational design specialists can build Amazon Alexa skills that match the needs of your business.

The Best Bots are Domain Specific and Task Driven

When building a great voice application, we always start with the basics. What we refer to as our 3-step DAP (Design, Audience, Purpose).  We take this approach because we know that the best chatbots are Domain Specific and Task Driven.


We work with you to consult on the best approach for designing your Amazon Alexa Skill and then create a baseline voice application. Typically our process and proprietary software allows us to build voice application and chat application in half of the time it would take others.

Built by Conversational Engineers

Crafting a great voice experience is different than building a mobile application. Not only does fluency in language matter but also robustness in what the application can do. 


Our team of conversational engineers are able to blend both conversation structure and software development to create interesting voice-based experiences. From there we can test the application. And once satisfied with the results push the voice application to certification.

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Product Owner, Discovery Networks Latin America

“They developed an Amazon Alexa Skill, which distributes our content throughout that platform, using proprietary technologies and Amazon’s infrastructure. The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive.”

Others Ways to Build with Alexa

Building with Amazon Alexa goes beyond just the Amazon Echo and other hardware devices offered by Amazon.


With Alexa you can build voice-powered products by integrating Alexa into your hardware devices or managing or controlling your device with Alexa. You can use the Alexa Voice Service or use an open source solution like Mycroft to to create devices with voice built-in for a complete voice-first experience.


Today there are thousands of third-party Alexa-connected devices. By adding voice, device makers can build voice products that offer a natural user interface. You have the flexibility to build devices with Alexa integrated into them so customers can talk to your devices.


With voice applications like Alexa, you can better serve your employees and your customers. Your voice power application can allow your team to be more productive throughout the day through easier search and querying of data with your voice. 


You can incorporate voice applications into their workflow, so they can get more done. Since we have a unique perspective on Alexa Skill development, we can work with you to build a solution that fits your business or departments needs.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Azumo for Alexa Skill Development?

The very first application we built was a conversational application for Twitter back in early 2016.  Since then we have developed chatbots, voicebots and Amazon Alexa Skills for start-up to companies of all sizes.

What industries are best suited for Alexa skills?

There are great use cases for Alexa skills in virtually any industry, both for consumer applications and enterprise applications for employees. Here are a few of our favorite categories of skills by industry:

  • Entertainment: Movies and concert information, schedule updates, trailers, etc. Just think about fans ordering their next hot dog or beer at the game and not having to ever leave their seat or reach for their wallet.
  • Finance: Investment advice, stocks updates and share price alerts, or make trades with Alexa.
  • Restaurants: Place orders, book reservations, search for menu options and prices. Or even manage the restaurant from books, to inventory, to hiring.
  • Healthcare: Scheduling applications for consumers, symptom checker and advice, prescription ordering.
  • Travel: Ticket booking, hotel reservations, and travel tips for consumers.
  • Enterprise: Manage more of the business through intelligent process automation with the help of a chatbot or voice application especially when your workforce has their hands busy.

What are the trends in home assistants and voice apps?

Here are a few recent statistics:

– The age of AI is upon us as companies of every size can now take advantage of artificial intelligence to power their business. Check out this great report from McKinsey:  Artificial Intelligence Takes Shape

– Over a quarter of US adults now own a smart speak like the Amazon Echo (Techcrunch)//

I am not in the US, what about Alexa Skill Development for my country and language?

Today, Alexa is even more ubiquitous than ever before. In fact today there are over 100,000 skills, with Alexa in 80 countries and providing service in 14 languages and variants. At Azumo we are a proven Amazon Alexa Skill developer and have successfully launched skills across 15 countries and regions (U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and South America), as well as in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

What tools do we use to build Alexa skills?

There are many ways to build your Amazon Alexa skill.  Amazon offers a great skills Kit for beginners looking to create a skill.  If you are ready for DIY experience and then the prospect of managing the Skill going forward we would strongly suggest taking their native approach.  Azumo has been building chatbots and conversational applications for years. With our Alexa Skill development experience, we have the ability to use any tool kit available to build a solution.  We have developed on AWS, with Node.js, C#, Python and more. We have also built our own solution that allows our customers to develop and manage their Amazon Alexa Skill faster and easier.

How hard is it to publish an Alexa skill?

The process of publishing an Alexa skill is very straightforward, and not unlike publishing an app to the Apple iTunes or Google Play store. And we can work with you to care of publishing your skill and keeping it in good standing after the certification process.

Are analytics available to measure skill usage?

Understanding usage, delight points and areas of improvement are necessary for any software development output.  Voice applications like Amazon Alexa are no different. Amazon includes a metrics dashboard as part of the Alexa skills Kit. From that dashboard, you can see data from your skill about customers, sessions, utterances, and intents.  We also provide our own analytics as well as integrations to a host of third party tools.

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