These Big Brands Are Already Using Alexa Skills to Grow

Well-known brands and businesses are tapping into the Alexa Skills market to improve their reach and grow. Do you want to compete in the same arena as big brand names, but not sure how to go about it? Creating a useful Alexa skill is one way to improve your brand’s reach. Many big brands are tapping Alexa skills to deliver information to users while growing their business. There is a catch, though: While shelves in a brick and mortar store can hold many different brands, the field for voice-enabled products is narrower. The following four brands have already staked their claim in the Alexa skill marketplace, ensuring that consumers will keep them on their Alexa “shelf.”

Campbell’s recipes are mmm, mmm good!

Campbell’s was the first large company to successfully engage the consumer market with its Campbell’s Kitchen skill. The skill taps into a database of thousands of recipes to provide users with recipes that incorporate ingredients they already have in their kitchen. Not only does it provide the assist with time-tested recipes, but the skill also helps develop shopping lists and plan meals based on categories, such as Christmas entrées or Mexican food. The skill is compatible with the Echo Show, so it allows users to engage via voice and touch to ensure success with meal planning and preparation.

Zyrtec clears the air for allergy sufferers

There are no Alexa Skills that can get rid of allergies – yet! – but Zyrtec’s Your Daily AllergyCast can boost users’ ability to manage them. The skill blends information from the local weather forecast, the pollen count and a database of the most common outdoor allergens to predict the impact on the user’s allergies. More importantly, the skill actually learns what the user is allergic to, so the forecast becomes tailored to the user’s specific allergies.

Tide cleans up

Everyone has experience one of those cringeworthy moments when they get a particularly nasty stain on a favorite shirt. Tide addresses this pain point with its Stain Remover Alexa skill. With a library of about 200 different stains, the skill can help users remove just about anything from their clothing, from ring around the collar to blood stains. (Although customers loved the stain-removal steps, they were somewhat less fond of the overly long commercial for the detergent – an indication that brands should keep their ads to a minimum.)

Patron mixes it up

Unlike the Johnnie Walker Alexa skill, which almost exclusively delivers content based on the company’s products, the Patron Tequila skill helps adults 21 and over create their ideal cocktail from tequila. Patron’s skill allows users to create a cocktail recipe out of the ingredients that they already have in their kitchens. In addition, users can get tips from bartenders to make their beverages extra special, as well as search for drinks based on various categories, such as holiday tipples or drinks with a specific flavor.

What makes Alexa skills great?

These Alexa skills are boosting the companies’ brand while helping customers. They all boast a highly polished user interface with a high functionality. Their invocation names are specific, and the language in the dialogues is natural and intuitive. The skills minimize friction, allowing for the rapid completion of a task via voice. It is clear these companies have done their homework: Each skill addresses a pain point for users and effectively solves the problem.

The brands listed above show only part of the range of services that Alexa skills can provide. There is room for many more targeted, branded skills. If you are ready to address a problem in your customers’ lives, but are not quite sure how to develop the skill, let us know. The developers at Azumo have a strong background in creating voice-enabled skills that can wow your customers and help grow your brand.

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