Build Intelligent Applications


Cloud Development

Cloud application development has been around for years. However, with the rise of containers and microservices, developers can now build more robust and resilient solutions faster. You can build software applications more quickly and rapidly launch new ideas.

Conversational Interfaces

Today, more than 60 billion messages run across messaging platforms each day. As consumers, we are growing more comfortable interacting with computing devices with our voice. Chat and voice represent a new digital interface that you can use in your business. We’ve developed chatbots and launched them across many of the major messaging platforms from the Web to SMS to Facebook Messenger to Alexa and Google Home.

Machine Learning

For the first time ever, companies like yours can take advantage of the power of cloud computing and massive data computing capability to create AI-based software tools that can more intelligently connect your businesses with your customers, partners, and employees.

Agile Development

The agile approach offers a number of advantages in software development. From the very beginning, the process is user-focused identifying who will use the product, which features they may want and why. The answers to these questions are documented in user stories. Then, features are designed and built incrementally and tested against user behavior. Adopting this approach can save budget and focus development efforts on epics and features that have more impact on your business.

Remote Development

Companies of all sizes today can have the same advantages that the most successful distributed companies enjoy. The increasing use of collaboration tools allow workers to engage with each other together as though they were in the same room. With a few things to keep in mind, you can leverage a remote workforce for your success.

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