Video: How to Easily Make a Chatbot with IBM Watson

Choosing the Right Natural Language platform for your Solution

One of the core areas for chatbot development is building solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence and natural language. Our customers often ask which AI or artificial intelligence platform to use for natural language processing (NLP).

To help executives, strategists and developers determine the best platform for their solution, we have developed a series of conversations that explore this topic in depth through interviews, panel discussion and demo events with market leaders.

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Natural Language Conversation

We are happy to share the video from one of our recent events. We hosted Josh Zheng of IBM Watson. Josh walks us through

  • How to use IBM Bluemix
  • Watson capabilities and pricing accessible for all developers
  • A demo of TJ Bot
  • How to create a natural language interface in less than 150 lines of code

Great stuff!

A Customer Support Natural

Given their flexibility, chatbots can operate in the enterprise across digital channels.

For customers preferring email as their primary customer support interface chatbots can easily respond to inbound requests. Similarly, other customers preferring social channels or SMS, can easily interact with bots to get their support questions answered.

With more users spending their time on messaging platforms than on social media, businesses will need to shift their mobile strategy toward messaging and chatbots.

Why? Because this where their users are now spending their time.

At Azumo, we build intelligent applications and chatbots. We are passionate about using new technologies to solve complex problems for customers around the globe.

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