Why Every Business Should Make a Chatbot

I was fortunate enough to be a banker on the Salesforce.com IPO. At the time, Marc Benioff, a genius salesmen/marketer, framed his company’s opportunity as the provider of On Demand software. Software he said should be like a utility. When you need it you turn it on, the service flows easily, and when you are done you turn it off. That was 2004.

While he doesn’t get enough credit for ushering in the advent of the On Demand economy, he and that team certainly understood the benefits and $65 billion later it shows. Today businesses can’t afford to let their customers wait.


Chatbots End the Wait

Today, many advertisers and commerce vendors reach their users via native-app platforms and the web. And while these channels may be faster than a phone call or mail — they are not built to manage engagement in a world where messaging dominates. Together, messaging and chatbots open up the On Demand economy to all businesses. This creates a massive $40 billion opportunity as Chatbots allow for instant connectivity.

Chatbots live where we interact and respond immediately. Chatbots can augment static web and mobile channels with real-time content, support and activity. As chatbot developers, we at Azumo have integrated bots into our customers’ other digital properties. The customer’s bot experience benefits from full integration.



Chatbots fill the communication gaps. They rapidly engage with customers On Demand. They provide a high touch easily scalable and affordable way to connect with visitors. Businesses can use a chatbot to offer troubleshooting tips, customer service, on-the-fly customer guidance, or personal accountability.

Chatbots Deliver Personalized Experiences

With chatbots, businesses can seamlessly insert themselves into the places where their audiences are most active. Roughly half of Gen X and Y prefer channels that naturally support chatbots. Chatbots allow businesses to take advantage of messaging while residing on social media channels, inside email and with SMS. In fact if done properly, businesses can more quickly service their customers with a chatbot as it will already have some level of context available. This property alone ushers in a whole new era where one-to-one marketing at scale is feasible.

We don’t wait in an On Demand world. Salesforce, Uber, Amazon, and Netflix have all taught us that we don’t have to wait for anything. Yes, those examples spent heaps of capital to build their presence. Chatbots and the messaging channel allow all businesses from large corporates to SMBs to startups to affordably participate in the On Demand economy.

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